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 Max Speen - Fugitive Again.... (PENGUIN ISLAND EXCLUSIVE)

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Moderator In Training
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PostSubject: Max Speen - Fugitive Again.... (PENGUIN ISLAND EXCLUSIVE)   22/06/09, 01:35 am

Arrow Hey Guys! Mutt Here! Arrow

For those who remember Max Speen, he´s making another come back! It might be his last movie. The MS´ latest movie was Max Speen: A Dark Story, wich is unfinished.

[center]Max Speen A Dark Story (Part 1 and 2):

Max Speen´s last movie might be in July, I´m making the promo tommorrow


It all starts in August 2008, Max and Marko are talking, the phone rings, Marko takes the phone, it was the Max´s doctor, he said it was important.
Marko told that to Max, then, they went to the Hospital, Marko stays in the Waiting Room while Max goes upstairs. He talks with the doctor. The doctor tells Max he detected a heart failure and he was dieing next month. The Doctor was about to call PSA to inform them, then,(GUNSHOT). Max killed the doctor, he kept in silence. Seconds later, he heard someone going upstairs, he killed him too. The body fell to the Waiting Room, Marko thought he was Max, then, he went upstairs. Max escapes through the window, breaking it in pieces, Max left a note, explaining Marko what happened. Marko ripped the note in pieces and tried to suicide...a shot was heard, it wasnt Marko, the Pizza Parlor! Marko runs there..........(STORYLINE EXCLUSIVE FOR PI MEMBERS!)

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Hockey Peng

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PostSubject: Re: Max Speen - Fugitive Again.... (PENGUIN ISLAND EXCLUSIVE)   22/06/09, 04:00 am

Um Invalid Parameters

That says on the first video.
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Max Speen - Fugitive Again.... (PENGUIN ISLAND EXCLUSIVE)
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